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HAPI Functional Supplement


VitAloe is a powerful blend of research-backed ingredients designed to support your immune system like no other product on the market. VitAloe combines plants and plant extracts that have traditionally been consumed for their immune-enhancing properties in addition to nutrients that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the digestive tract.

MSM with Microhydrin

MSM (Methyl sulfonyl methane – organic sulfur) with Microhydrin is the most advanced MSM product available. Complete with vitamin C and the revolutionary antioxidant, Microhydrin, this product is the ideal way to add organic sulfur back into your diet. MSM provides the sulfur necessary for supporting the body’s collagen production, which is the primary constituent of cartilage and connective tissue in the joints.


SA-Core is the next generation of stem cell support nutrition. This unique formula is comprised of 100% natural plant extracts, Vitamin D and a patented probiotic. SA-Core nourishes the bone marrow to support your body’s natural processes for producing and increasing levels of circulating stem cells. It also provides the compounds necessary to produce healthy levels of Urolithin A, a metabolite linked with healthy aging and cognitive function.

Artichoke Liver Cleanse

Artichoke Liver Cleanse is a highly effective herbal supplement that supports the liver's natural detoxification processes. Artichoke has been researched and shown to help rid the liver of harmful toxins and support liver functions. This unique supplement has been formulated to provide a simple, natural way to cleanse the liver in only 2 weeks. It can also be used daily to support normal liver and gallbladder functions and support the digestion of fats.


TruAloe is the finest Aloe vera juice available from the “Father of Aloe” himself, Clinton Howard. TruAloe contains only organic aloe leaves, carefully processed to ensure that you receive the true health benefits of this incredible plant. This delicious juice provides powerful support to the immune system and is an excellent tonic for the entire digestive system.

P-Gut SupremeSlim Probiotics

P-Gut SupremeSlim Probiotics help to excrete toxins, adjust bad fats, improve body function, Reduces subcutaneous/visceral fat accumulation.


Microhydrin is unique because hydrogen, as the smallest element, provides more electrons than any other antioxidant. By flooding the body with electrons, Microhydrin helps create energy, enhance endurance, and balance pH levels.

Microhydrin also boosts ATP production, which is our main source of energy. By helping you produce energy at the cellular level, Microhydrin will help you feel your best! Its mineral structure also brings oxygen into our cells and reduces the lactic acid produced during exercise, which helps speed recovery.

Spirulina - Powder

Spirulina is a blue-green algae that contains an incredible array of nutrients. Spirulina is 70% plant protein and it offers both detoxification and immune support benefits. Its numerous phytonutrients act as powerful antioxidants. Spirulina is abundant in chlorophyll, which cleanses the body of the toxins and heavy metals we are exposed to every day. It is the most nutritionally complete algae on the planet, and it is easy to make it a part of your diet with our Certified Organic tablets and powder.


Diosin is an energizing supplement containing Wild Yam, an extraordinary plant that has been used for centuries to promote optimum health and longevity for both men and women. Diosin is designed to provide an energy boost, support weight loss efforts and help bring balance to the body.

Over 30 Plus

Over 30 Plus combines amino acids, vitamins and herbs to support health in individuals over the age of 30. This unique formula was created to nutritionally support cardiovascular health with vitamin E, vitamin B12, folic acid, and a range of amino acids. L-arginine and L-citrulline support the production of nitric oxide for circulatory and cardiovascular health. In addition, GABA and 5-HTP help calm the body and promote restful sleep.

This unique product is back by popular demand now PLUS Vitamin D!

P-Gut Allergy Probiotics

P-Gut Allergy Probiotics increases body defense, prevention of intestinal sensitization, improves itchy skin marks, reduces the risk of recurrence of moist dermatitis.

Microhydrin Plus (60)

Microhydrin Plus is the most effective broad-spectrum antioxidant available. It combines the powerful antioxidant – Microhydrin® – with 8 other potent antioxidants to give you the ultimate protection from free radical damage. Antioxidants are compounds that stop free radicals from damaging your cells.

Microhydrin Plus is formulated to help you defy aging and support your immunity with research-backed, broad-spectrum antioxidant protection.

Spirulina - Tablets

Spirulina’s numerous phytonutrients act as powerful antioxidants, which are vital for our health in today’s world. It is abundant in the chlorophyll we need to cleanse our bodies of the toxins and heavy metals we are exposed to every day. Spirulina is the most nutritionally complete algae on the planet, and it is easy to make it a part of your diet with our high quality, Certified Organic tablets and powder.


NeuroBright is a patented combination of cognitive support nutrients, potent herbs and the exceptionally powerful antioxidant, Microhydrin®. The ingredients in NeuroBright such as Co Q10, Resveratrol, and Phosphatidylserine have all been shown to support and defend healthy brain function. Mild memory problems associated with aging are a top health concern. Regardless of age, a sharp mind affects virtually all aspects of life. NeuroBright is a unique blend of antioxidants, herbs, and whole-food nutrients designed to nourish and support healthy brain function.


OliViva is an age-defying drink made from freshly harvested olive leaves, Aloe vera, and Kona coffee fruit. Our fresh olive leaf is processed within hours to retain the naturally active polyphenols and phytonutrients. OliViva provides the incredible age-defying power of fresh olive leaf along with other legendary botanicals to give you a healthy boost of energy, immunity support, and the benefits of one of the most heart-protective nutrients available.

P-Gut Premium Probiotics

P-Gut Premium Probiotics promotes metabolism, balance emotions and calm your mind, improve defense and helps maintain gut health.

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