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HAPI Functional Drink

Elevate MAX® Daybreak
- CA Coffee

What could be better than a great-tasting, hot cup of coffee in the morning? This stuff! Set your feel-good factor to 11.

We call it MAX because it delivers Mood elevation, Appetite control, and Xtreme energy.

Elevate ZEST®
+ Plus Happy Lemonade

The world’s first “Happy Lemonade” just got better! The taste is smoother, the appetite suppression is more significant and your focus will be OFF THE CHARTS!

It’s the most potent natural nootropics blend in a lemonade we’ve ever created. The only thing you’ll forget is your troubles, because it’s a “100% happy” drink.
Time to focus!

Choclevate® Happy Chocolate

It’s the world’s first “Happy Hot Chocolate”. Sure, all chocolate is happy. We know. But not like this! A unique combination of natural nootropics delivers the kind of happy that doesn’t stop after the delicious taste goes away†. The mild energy boost and strong craving-stoppers keep going too†.

Elevate NITRO® Bold Coffee

NITRO Coffee gives you energy, focus, motivation and promotes muscle-pumping nitric oxide.

Look good. Feel good. Lose weight. Let the good times (and the blood) flow. This heart-healthy coffee is a great way to start the morning off with a bang or to take your gym routine up three notches. We put the FUN in functional beverage.

ElevaciTea® Georgia Peach

It’s the world’s first “Happy Iced Tea”. Southern sweet tea with delicious, natural Georgia Peach flavor in every sip. Some say it’s the best-tasting drink we offer. All y’all gonna love it! Afternoon energy. Craving control. Refreshing sweetness. And a big ol’ smile on your face.

ElevaciTea® Vanilla Chai

It’s the world’s first “Happy Chai.” Exotic. Romantic. Delicious. Expect sustained energy, elevated mood, and weight loss. Did someone say – “weight loss?!?!" Only 3 carbs, less than 1 gram of sugar, plus potent appetite control herbs.

Elevate Smart Coffee

We invented the world’s first smart coffee.
And this delicious blend is based on the original...only better! Better focus. Better energy. Better flavor. Same great mood elevation. With natural herbs and extracts designed to control your appetite. Is the coffee smart? Are you smart for getting it?
Yes and yes!

Unwined™ Chill Drink

The pace of life is crazy! Slow down. Relax. Sip and chill. Unwined™. Bye-bye racing thoughts. Nighty-night muscle tension. Stress be gone! It’s a totally new kind of health drink. Like wine, without the alcohol or bitter taste. NO excess sugars and NO expensive price tag.

Happy Shake

Give yourself this gift every day. Nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. High-quality protein. 11 vitamins at 100% RDA. 72 ionic trace minerals. Antioxidants. Plant fiber. Low sugar. Keto friendly. 100 calories. NO artificial sweeteners, preservatives or GMOs. Everything you need to feel great and lose weight.

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